I edit W. and there are so many adventures (good and bad) about the process. When I try to explain to friends IRL and have conversations like: FRIEND: "you looked tired today." ME: "I was up most of the night in an edit war with XmanRedux" about the basis for a scene in Hearing Secret Harmonies at the novel's Wikipedia entry." FRIEND: Eyeroll.

Looking forward to your book as a way to explain.

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The discussions on Wikipedia can certainly be exhausting! And I admire the fact that you’re editing the pages for novels because I’ve found that those can vary drastically in length and quality. Even well-loved novels can have very slim Wikipedia pages if nobody has stepped up to develop them.

Hoping that I’ve brought the feel of info disputes to life in the book!

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One of my biggest fails was the Ian Fleming page. In addition to writing Bond, etc. Fleming founded the journal--The Book Collector-- and he was a book collector (Printing and the Mind of Man exhibit is based on his collection)--but the editors/watchers at Fleming's page would not let me include this information in the lede or the main article.

I guess the fact Fleming was a book collector didn';t seem exciting enough.

Bond's nephew is the current of editor of The Book Collector.

However, the info is on the journal's page... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Book_Collector

And Flemings connection to exhibit is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printing_and_the_Mind_of_Man

And then of course the stuggles at the "Talk" pages...

I'm sorry...I drive my family into boredom with these exciting tales of Wikipedia woes.

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